Monday, September 1, 2008


While I was searching around for a good Japanese restaurant, one place stood out by being unanimously recommended by every Japanese person I know: Tanto in Sunnyvale. So I was pretty excited to join a group of friends for dinner there.

Inside, I immediately felt comfy with the hip and cozy interiors:

Next came a parade of delectable dishes. We started off our feast with some tuna sashimi, which was excellent. The meat was fresh and tender with absolutely no fishy smell:

We also had buta kimuchi (pork with kimchi). Being the wimp that I am when it comes to spicy foods, I appreciated the fact that the kimchi had just the right level of spiciness - mild yet zesty:

Other lovely morsels we enjoyed were...

...tori kara-age (deep fried chicken nuggets):

...dashimaki tamago (rolled egg omelet):

...kushi katsu (deep fried pork on skewers):

...yaki nigiri (grilled rice balls). I adore this dish. The crisp, crunchy, tasty rice ball exterior is a joy to bite into, revealing the delightful insides which have a soft texture and flavor:

...ebi shinjo (deep fried shrimp balls):

...salmon and ikura (salmon eggs) salad:

It was really cool to go there with a good-sized group of people (there were 6 of us), because it allowed us to order more dishes and enjoy a wider variety of Tanto's delicious treats. I'll try to assemble an even larger group next time ;-)

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