Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tofu House in Milpitas

This is another one of our favorite local eateries. We keep coming back here to relish their delicious, smoldering hot tofu soup (served in a stone bowl) and Korean barbecued beef. This place is really popular, as is its sister store in Santa Clara. However, our Korean friends recommended this store to us over the one in Santa Clara.

Our lunch started with a simple salad, which was very fresh, with a light, refreshing dressing that was topped with peanut, sesame seeds and tofu.

Next came an assortment of small dishes consisting of tofu, bean sprouts, seaweed, and of course, kimchi. We especially liked the kimchi because it was crisp, crunchy, and not too spicy.

Now for the main attraction: A scalding hot bowl of seafood tofu soup, filled with thick, hearty chunks of tofu, shrimp, and oysters, topped off with a raw egg and some seaweed. We found the tofu to be soft and flavorful with a tinge of mild spiciness to it. The soup had just the right mix of salty and spicy tastes, punctuated by the aroma of seafood.

The barbecued beef was also good, as usual. The thin, tender slices of beef have a light, citrusy sweetness. And the accompanying onions and sesame seeds are a delight to bite into together with the beef, as they add a nice kick.

The beef comes on a sizzling hot steel plate, and there is a LOT of it - more than enough for 2 persons. However, being the carnivore that I am, I devoured most of it (pausing briefly between mouthfuls to let my wife get a few bites in ;-)

Tofu House
231 W Calaveras Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035

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