Sunday, August 1, 2010

Harumi Sushi

(Author's note: I wrote this article about 5 months ago when Harumi Sushi just opened. I was preparing to post the article on this blog, when things got insanely busy for me at work, and my job (I'm an IT worker in a major software firm) just consumed my life for the next several months.

Now that things have calmed down a bit at work (well, for now at least), I revisited this article and realize it is somewhat dated.

Nevertheless, I had a positive experience at Harumi Sushi and I still wish to give them props and recognition. So here are my impressions of Harumi Sushi from several months ago. Enjoy!)

The Daiso store in Cupertino, CA carries a mind-boggling variety of irresistibly cute little knick-knacks from Japan. Which is why my wife can't resist going there, often dragging me along to help carry all the stuff she scoops up. It was after trawling around the Daiso store recently that we stumbled upon a newly opened sushi restaurant in its vicinity: Harumi Sushi.

Harumi Sushi's interior looks slick, clean, and new.

The menu hanging above the bar grabbed my attention because of one of its offerings - Monkey Brain. Could it be THE Monkey Brain, the unusual dish that I've heard so much about?

You see, I've heard tales of special restaurants in Asia that literally serve the grey matter of small, hairy primates. Could this item on Harumi Sushi's menu be the same thing?? My inquiring mind was dying to know...

I asked our waitress about it and she laughingly told me that no, it's not really monkey brains. The main ingredient of this exotic-sounding dish is actually mushrooms.

Okay, with that little detail out of the way, we decided to go with Harumi's more pedestrian-sounding fare. My wife got the assorted maki rolls combo plate:

I got a beef teriyaki bento:

It was all good stuff. The maki rolls were fresh and had a subtle, pleasant seasoning. The beef was tender and tasty. Plus, we got a 30% discount on the rolls thanks to Harumi Sushi's grand opening promo. Our dining experience was a pleasant one and we look forward to visiting this place again next time my wife feels the urge to raid the aisles at Daiso.

Best of all, no monkeys were harmed in the process of writing this article.

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Anonymous said...

Everything looks so good, I'm such a sushi fanatic but I admit I don't know much about it outside of what we make at home.

I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that the monkey brains aren't real monkey brains - on one hand, yay for the monkeys (lol!), on the other that's a lot of build up to get over, must have been a tad disappointing!

AsianFoodFanatic said...

Hi Pointykun

I must admit that I WAS a tad disappointed about the monkey brains ...and at the same time I was also relieved. It was quite a weird, ambivalent feeling LOL.


jcarsi said...

I love love love Japanese you, I love to try different cuisines and it's been some time ago since I've had my sushi.
I do feel lucky to live in the Bay Area many restos to try! Keep posting!

AsianFoodFanatic said...

Hi Jcarsi

It's nice to meet a fellow Bay Area foodie. Keep eating well!

Asian Food Fanatic

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